Why Juan Luna?

We're the leading European company in pre-packed cheeses and cold cuts. We have several production lines with unmatchable speed and flexibility. Our time to market is unbeatable.

Juan Luna

Our story

Distribuciones Juan Luna was created in 1989 by Mr Juan Luna himself in the village of Paiporta (Valencia). Five years later, there was a change in strategy to focus on pre-packed cheeses and cold cuts. After a fire at our facilities in 2006, we decided to move to the nearby village of Sollana (Valencia). In 2015, we entered the world of Iberian cured meats.

And in 2016, the investment group Nazca Capital became a shareholder of the company, making it grow even further. And ever since then, Gerardo Gorostiza has been at the helm of the company as managing director.

Grupo Costa Food acquires Distribuciones Juan Luna in 2022, providing the company with great development opportunities as well as new projects and synergies. It should be noted that this transaction allows a perfect control of the production process control, from the beginning until the end, guaranteeing the consumer quality and traceability.

Year after year, we are expanding our business and taking on new customers from both Spain and abroad. More than thirty years of satisfied customers!


We work for customers in more than ten European countries


Huge range of product categories

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Juan Luna

Our team

Distribuciones Juan Luna has more than two hundred highly qualified employees who work tirelessly every day to provide products and experiences that meet the expectations and demands of the market.

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Juan Luna

Mission and Vision

We're the leading European company in pre-packed cheeses and cold cuts thanks to our skill in adapting to new trends in an increasingly demanding market. 

We're fully aware of the importance of sustainability today, so one of our key priorities is the quest to achieve a better world through our production processes and our products. We aspire to be a benchmark company in terms of sustainability.

Juan Luna


At Juan Luna we're fully aware of the importance of respecting the environment and working towards a better world. That's why our production processes are designed to have the minimum negative impact in all aspects.
What's more, we continuously innovate in pursuit of new and more sustainable plastic-free packaging.

100% certified quality

Here at Juan Luna we’re passionately committed to customer satisfaction. This commitment is reflected in our quality assurance certificates that are applied at each stage of the production process to make sure that the product reaches the customer in excellent conditions.

What’s more, we demand from our suppliers a series of requirements so that we can always provide products in keeping with food safety requirements.